Sunday, November 8, 2009

They really care about what the people think, don't they.

Well, this is the time praise Nancy Pelosi. She has done what no one before her could do, and that is to pass a government run health care bill. Too bad she didn't give any one a chance to read it and doesn't listen to the majority of the people out there who are agains't it. Actually, all she cares about is the demoncat agenda to make the United States of America a socialist state. How about we review the 45 communist goals for the Communist takeover of America. If you think its conspiracy, think again. This document was written in 1963 and its scary to see what has already taken place. Think for yourself. Follow this link and PLEASE read, This is SCARY stuff. These people do not care about our country. Bring this to the attention of every one you know, and in November of 2010 lets boot all of these communist out of their seats.

Friday, October 9, 2009

BHO mmm mmm mmm

I really want to know why people love Obama. I think that those who do, really don't know much about him or what he is all about. Since this is my first post, let me be clear. I am not a Repulican and I am not a Demoncat. I am registered as an Independent and refuse to affiliate with either of the two major parties. I am however, an American, who cares about American values. What are our American values? Michael Savage says it best. Language, borders and culture. There are consistant new threats to these values every day. Our language is English. Our borders need to be better protected and stop the wave of illegals coming into our country. Our culture has been based on God and the Holy Bible since the start of this country. Muslims, Hindu's, Buddist or any other religious group didn't fight our revolution, write our Declaration of Independence, and create the Constitution. This country was built on Christian principles. In the present day we have several groups who are so against the traditional American values. Marriage is between a man and woman. If you can't see the obvious reasons why, then your just in denial or an idiot. Keep lying to yourself. If anyone can't see that Obama or BHO is a socialist, then you haven't listened to him or researched who he surrounds himself with. He spells it out himself. It's not that there are a bunch of "racist white people" out to get him. Those who don't agree with BHO are proud Americans that love their country. They don't want to see a community organizer go into the White House with his ACORN friends and try and drastically change the country into what their idea of what the United States should be. This is our country! He works for US! Too bad he seems to be working for someone else. Who it? Who is the real OBAMA? Lets first start with his Czars. Why select czars? The reason he has so many czars is because he can appoint anyone he wants without congress approval or special votes.

Cass Sunstein, BHO's regulatory czar said this in his 2004 book, The Second Bill of Rights, "The absence of a European-style social welfare state is certainly connected with the widespread perception among the white majority that the relevant programs would disproportionately benefit African Americans (and more recently Hispanics)". Sunstein supports bringing socialism to the United states and even supports full on communism. Please read the following article. it will show who he is.

Now lets look at Van Jones. Who is he and what was his relation to BHO? The easiest explanation is that he is an activist selected by BHO to be his special advisor for Green Jobs. He believes along with every other left wing radical that the green agenda is going to solve all of our countries problems. Too bad it would help bancrupt the country along side socialized health care. This guy has done and said some interesting things, enough to make him step down as BHO's special advisor. Vans Jones is a communist at heart. He graduated from Yale Law School, was involved with Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM) who were committed to a Marxist revolution and at the same time protested police brutality and started a Bay Area Police Watch that was a hotline for victims claiming police abuse. He focused on trying to bring down the police instead trying to work with them to reduce any problem. He was arrested in 1992 with others during a protest after the Rodney King verdict. He has started several other groups including Color of Change to help strengthen Black American's political voice. That is fine, if he wasn't a communist. I agree, starting groups to get more of a political voice is good, but Van Jones is a communist. This is the tip of the ice berg for this guy. I will be posting information about each of BHO's czars so you can see his real agenda. Feel free to comment and debate in a peaceful manner. I am open. I just want this information out there for others to see.